Our Projects.

With your help we can accomplish more in 2021.
Our goals for 2021 (For more details on each thing listed, please contact us.)
  • Sponsor 7 more children to go to school at $20 per month/per child.
  • Sponsor 4 More Nepali Missionaries at $50 a month.
  • Provide needed curriculum for their missions trips. The cost is $1200
  • Provide $1000 a month to allow them to complete 4 Bible schools a month this year. 
  • Provide 200 warm blankets to poor families during the cold season.
  • Provide 10 clean water filtration systems.
  • Help them start an agricultural farm.
  • Purchase land for a local minister.
  • Build a new church building for a new church plant.
  • Purchase farmland property for them to own and expand their resources.
  • Send 3 of our trained missionaries to Nepal once this year.
  • Provide the start up cost for free school for underprivileged children. ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Provide monthly salary for two teachers at the school.
  • Provide monthly essentials for students at the school.
  • Provide the equipment they need for the school. ACCOMPLISHED!
  • Provide camera equipment to help our contact in Botswana start a business.
  • Provide 10 clean water filtration systems.
  • Send 3 of our trained missionaries to Botswana once this year.
What has REACH accomplished?
  • Provided 10 clean water pumps for tribes who had no access to water.
      • Our missions work is connected with many indigenous tribes where water is difficult to access for many people. When tribes do not have their own water source, they are looked down upon by other villages. It is also dangerous when they retrieve water from the river. One gentleman was attacked by a rhino while retrieving water for his family.
  • Provided medical support.
      • We have had the opportunity to provide medical support for emergency hospital situations. We have been able to help cover their medical expenses at the hospital.
  • We have provided relief for our brother in Botswana fleeing persecution.
  • Provided past due rent for a local Nepali minister.
      • One of the local missionaries in Nepal was behind 6 months on his families rent. Reach was able to step in and help them pay their past due amount so they could continue to stay in their rental home.
  • Provided their local minsters with a Zoom account during the pandemic.
      • Nepal was on strict lock down for a considerable amount of time during the pandemic. One way the ministers were able to communicate during that time was through Zoom. We were able to get them a package where they could have meetings as long as they needed to during the pandemic. 
  • Provided a roof for a house that was damaged during a storm.
      • This family lived in their house with no roof for over a year because they were not able to replace it.
  • Provided blankets for families in indigenous tribes during the winter.
      • The living conditions for families in tribes is unlike anything we have here in America. Tribal families will have homes with just a couple of rooms, minimal covering to block outside conditions, and they all typically sleep in one room together on a dirt floor. The blankets we helped provide to families were a huge blessing to them. There was a family of around 5 who all had to share the same blanket in the same room.
  • Provided School curriculum, supplies and daily essentials for children k-12.
      • Education is not a requirement in Nepal, it is a difficult task for many children to attend school. We are doing everything we can to allow as many children as possible the opportunity to get an education.
  • Provided Mosquito nets and food for families during Monsoon season.
      • Every year Nepal has serious issues with Monsoons. Many of the churches we work with are located in dangerous areas where Monsoons hit. Monsoons also cause greater risk for disease and other illnesses. These mosquito nets help protect families from harmful disease carrying bugs.
  • Provided food for entire villages.
  • Provided an entire village of new believers with their first Bibles.
  • Provided camping gear and essentials for their missions trips.
      • After every trip we take to come alongside our brothers and sisters, we leave all of our good hiking and camping gear so that they can give it to their local missionaries.
  • We currently sponsor 28 kids giving them opportunity to receive a proper education. The number of kids exceeds 24 in total, but some have had to drop out because of either personal family issues, or marriage.
  • We currently support 1 local (Nepali) Missionary.
  • We helped provide a brand-new Motorcycle for that missionary to be able to travel to tribes.
  • We provide monthly funding for Bible Schools and discipleship training.
  • We come along side to encourage and help preach the gospel to those who have not heard the gospel message.
      • In 2020, we were able to preach to around 75 people and saw 15 Salvations. We have also had the opportunity to take part in baptisms, totaling over 100 believers, which doesn’t come close to the amount they have throughout the year.
  • We provided finances for a leadership development training in Nepal.
      • This training allowed for 35 people to unite with another region to become more equipped for the work being done in Nepal. This helped provide transportation, meals, and gear to allow this to happen.
  • We have provided 100 Mosquito nets for the spring of 2021 to protect families from harmful diseases.
  • We have provided relief for a new business in Kathmandu, Nepal. Due to covid the business was struggling, but we were able to provide relief for the business to keep their doors open. 
  • We provided dental treatment for a friend in Kathmandu who was struggling from severe tooth pain.
  • We provided food relief in the spring of 2021 for 112 starving families. These families were on lockdown due to covid and they needed immediate relief. Reach was able to help provide their need and get them adequate food during the lockdown. 
  • We helped start Brick Kiln school in 2021 for the less fortunate children in Pakistan.